Leon Golterman is an L.A.- and Amsterdam-based writer and director for film, television and commercials.

His work has been awarded at film festivals worldwide and screened at Go Short Nijmegen, an Oscar-qualifying short film festival.

In addition to film and television, he creates content for clients such as Heineken and Mercedes-Benz.

He is currently a staff writer at RTL and BNNVARA, while his most recent pilot Phantom is in development at European streaming service Videoland.


Written, directed and edited by Leon Golterman

A stop-motion animated film about ten-year-old Kevin, who dreams of becoming a pilot so he and his sister Jaimy can escape from their tyrannical father. But when Jaimy gets her hands on her brother´s brand new model airplane, the bond between the two children is put to the test.

Release: 2022.


Written and directed by Leon Golterman

Award-winning short thriller about a Catholic physician who discovers his young assistant is about to perform an illegal euthanasia on their paraplegic patient.


Screenwriter Leon Golterman wins first place in UCLA writing competition

February 11th, 2020

Writer and director Leon Golterman’s script SONS OF SAM was awarded first place in UCLA Extension’s writing competition by a jury of industry professionals. The news announced Monday night in Deadline Hollywood.


January 28th, 2020

Screenwriter Leon Golterman left for the United States to work in Hollywood after graduating from the University of the Arts in Utrecht. He won UCLA Extension’s writing competition and his original script is currently in development at European streaming service Videoland.

At the invitation of Plot magazine for screenwriters, Leon Golterman shares his story about his time in Hollywood.




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