Leon Golterman is an award-winning writer and director of film and television. His work has been screened and nominated at film and writing competitions worldwide, including Oscar® and BAFTA qualifying film festivals.

Based in Amsterdam and Los Angeles, he is currently a writer on Nood/The Call for Pupkin and BNNVARA and a former writer at RTL and European streaming service Videoland.

He is a member of the Dutch Academy For Film and was selected for CineSud’s film program at the Cannes Film Festival 2022.

In addition to film and television, he creates content for brands such as Heineken, Nomad and Mercedes-Benz.

Nood / The Call
Directed by Eché Janga, produced by Pupkin & BNNVARA

Crime / Drama – 12 x 25 minutes. Every day, four 911 dispatchers deal with phone calls that are far from ordinary. Calls you never hope to make in your life, but which are every day’s business for the dispatchers. Always starting with that same, routine question: “what’s your emergency?” which spreads out into a web of possibilities and questions that can go in any direction. Everyone can get in trouble, however unexpected or extraordinary.

In THE CALL, the dispatchers are confronted with the most exceptional emergencies, which they have to handle under great pressure. Each in their own way, leaving their own problems and cultural beliefs behind, even though these can still seep through during these unusual calls. From the perspectives of the emergency dispatch center and the caller, decisions are made on the spot that can mean the difference between life and death.

Release: November 2021


Written and directed by Leon Golterman

Award-winning short crime/thriller about a Catholic physician who discovers his young assistant is about to perform an illegal euthanasia on their paraplegic patient.


Written, directed and edited by Leon Golterman

A stop-motion animated film about ten-year-old Kevin, who dreams of becoming a pilot so he and his sister Jaimy can escape from their tyrannical father. But when Jaimy gets her hands on her brother’s brand new model airplane, the bond between the two children is put to the test.

Sales agent: Sydney Neter, SND Films

Official selection:

– Cinekid festival 2021, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
– Anima, The Brussels International Animation Film Festival 2022, Brussels, Belgium*
– Kaboom Animation Festival 2022, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
– Film Talents to Cannes, France
– Aspen Shortsfest 2022, Aspen, CO, USA*, **
– Zlín Film Festival 2022, Czech Republic

* Oscar® qualifying film festival
** BAFTA qualifying film festival



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